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The Two and Only Kelly Twins


Author Hurwitz (author Johanna Published by Candlewick Press ISBN 9781536200508 EAN 9781536200508 Bic Code Cover Paperback

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“No matter the predicament, Hurwitz interjects both humor and warmth. Accompanied by illustrations as playful as Arlene and Ilene, this chapter book is a t-winning choice.” ??Kirkus ReviewsSecond-graders Arlene and Ilene Kelly are twins ? identical twins to be exact ? and they love being a pair. But being a twin is not always easy. When a set of triplets comes to school, Arlene and Ilene wonder whether triplets are more special than twins. And when Arlene gets sick and has to visit the hospital, the twins each find out what it’s like to be one instead of two. But whether they’re together or apart, Arlene and Ilene know they’re lucky to have each other.