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Seek The Light That Rises In The West


Author Mieke Mosmuller Published by Occident Publishers ISBN 9789075240276 EAN 9789075240276 Bic Code Cover Paperback

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Fear, doubt, insecurity, illness, loneliness, death… These are difficulties in every human life, from which one cannot escape in any way, and for which no worldview, science, nor social life seems to be able to give comfort anymore. For the Westerner, thinking is a main problem. As a result of the development of science, there is a continually growing body of factual knowledge; but faith is left behind, as well as certainty in knowing, in science. If we look for consolation in times of doubt and loneliness, must we leave the realm of thinking and turn to different areas of our soul-life (such as to be more in-touch with our feelings)? Or is it possible in this time of rational thinking, that thinking is precisely the key to coming to a faith that is based on certainty in knowing? In this book we are summoned to learn to experience this problem of the Westerner (the problem of thinking) ourselves, in order to come from this gained expe