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Unexpected Joy Of The Ordinary


Author Catherine Gray Published by Aster ISBN 9781783253371 EAN 9781783253371 Bic Code V Cover Hardback

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Learning how to be exalted by the everyday is the most important lesson we can possibly learn. In Catherine Gray’s hilarious, insightful, soulful (and very ordinary) book, you may learn to do just that. We’re told that happiness is in the extraordinary. It’s on a Caribbean sun lounger, in the driving seat of a luxury car, inside an expensive golden locket, watching sunrise from Machu Picchu. We strive, reach, push, shoot for more. ‘Enough’ is a moving target we never quite reach. When we do brush our fingertips against the extraordinary a deeply inconvenient psychological phenomenon called the ‘hedonic treadmill’ means that, after a surge of joy, our happiness level returns to the baseline it was at before the ‘extra’ event. So, what’s the answer? This book theorises that the solution is rediscovering the joy in the ordinary that we so often now forget to feel.