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The Getaway


Author Maria Duffy Published by Hachette Books Ireland ISBN 9781473673175 EAN 9781473673175 Bic Code F Cover Other

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Linda Costa is a woman on the edge. She thought that life would be easier now her kids are older, and she’d be spending her days on the tennis court or at boozy lunches with friends. But her never-ending merry-go-round of responsibilities is worse than ever, and her worries about her teenagers, her stressful job and the cracks in her marriage to the oblivious Rob have left her feeling like she might crack up at any moment. And then Linda decides she’s had enough, and hops on a plane to Spain for some sunshine and much-needed perspective. Rob and the kids can learn to manage without her for a couple of weeks. While relaxing by the pool, Linda wonders where to go from here. She’s no longer satisfied with waiting out this difficult time, hoping things will get better. She needs to make a change, and find happiness again. Could the first step be putting an end to her once loving but now spark-free marriage?