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The Best Catholics in the World


Author Derek Scally Published by Sandycove ISBN 9781844885268 EAN 9781844885268 Bic Code Cover Paperback

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When Berlin-based journalist Derek Scally goes to the Christmas Vigil Mass on a visit home to Dublin, the once-packed suburban church where he was altar boy is quiet and ageing like its congregants. The dwindling power of the Church in Ireland is undeniable. Scally sees that the Irish are dealing with just as great a shock to their sense of collective identity as the East Germans after the fall of Communism. This book is Scally’s response – an empathetic and engaging voyage into the story of Irish Catholicism: why the Church had a unique hold on the Irish; what went wrong; and how the Irish are facing – or not facing – a relationship that was dysfunctional in many respects.