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Making of A Detective: A Garda’s Story of Investigating Some of Ireland’s Most N


Author Pat Marry Published by Penguin Ireland ISBN 9781844884537 EAN 9781844884537 Bic Code B Cover Other

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Walking out of the garda training college in Templemore in 1985, Pat Marry’s burning desire was to be a detective, but he had no idea of how to become one. In time he realised that it was all about putting yourself forward and taking initiative, following up hunches (even when they seemed flimsy), being obsessive about detail, trying out new investigative techniques, being a bit of a psychologist and thinking laterally, honing your instincts. In over three decades in the force Marry was instrumental in solving dozens of series cases, including many murders. In ‘The Making of a Detective’ Pat Marry reveals the inside story of high profile investigations he lead, such as the murders of Rachel O’Reilly and Garda Adrian Donohue. He also recounts fascinating detail of cases that have faded from public memory, such as the 1990 murder of Marilyn Rynn.