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Lion Of Mistra


Author James Heneage Published by Heron Books ISBN 9781782061229 EAN 9781782061229 Bic Code Cover Paperback

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Bayezid, leader of the Ottomans, is dead; his heirs, Suleyman and Mehmed, are at war with each other; and the dread Tamerlane, who was on the brink of invading China, is also dead. Luke is now pushed into the role of Protector of Mistra. He is determined to create a strong defence for his remaining region of Byzantium and so decides to build a great wall across the land. For this he will need to utilise the fighting skills of his Varangians, both as the base for his army but even more to become a money-raising mercenary troop. And funds for the great wall will drive Luke to at last discover and use the power of the legendary and long-hidden Varangian treasure.