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I You We Them: Journeys Beyond Evil: The Desk Killer in History and Today


Author Dan Gretton Published by William Heinemann ISBN 9781785152276 EAN 9781785152276 Bic Code B Cover Other

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‘I You We Them’ is a study of the psychology of the perpetrators of crimes against humanity, the ‘desk killers’ who ordered and directed some of the worst atrocities of the last 200 years. It is also an exploration of corporate responsibility and personal culpability today, connecting the bureaucratic blindness that created desk killing to the same moral myopia that exists now in the calm, clean offices of global capitalism. It is a journal of discovery, based on decades of research, interviews with hundreds of participants, and extensive first-hand experience. It encompasses extended investigations into a number of specific cases, moving from the brutalities of Empire to the scorched gas fields of the Niger Delta, from the industrial complex of Auschwitz to the empty sites of the Bosnian genocide; bearing witness, recording, and attempting to understand.