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Hungry Road


Author Marita Conlon-McKenna Published by Transworld Ireland ISBN 9781848271975 EAN 9781848271975 Bic Code F Cover Other

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Mary Sullivan’s dreams of a better future are shattered in 1845 with the arrival of the strange blight which destroys their potato crop. Refusing to give in to despair, she must use every ounce of courage and strength to protect her family as she and her husband and children fight to survive. Dr Dan Donovan is Medical Officer to the Skibbereen Union. The arrival of ‘the hunger’ soon brings starving men, women and children crowding into the town and the workhouse desperate for help. His wife Henrietta does her best to support him but her life is thrown into turmoil when friends and then her own family fall victim to fever. Meanwhile, Parish priest Rev John Fitzpatrick’s faith is tested by the suffering and hardship endured by the starving families all around him.