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Friend Of The Family


Author Tasmina Perry Published by Headline Review ISBN 9781472208569 EAN 9781472208569 Bic Code Cover Hardback

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You trust your friend, so you’d trust her daughter. Wouldn’t you? When an old university friend gets in touch with a request for work experience for her daughter, magazine editor Amy agrees. 20-year-old Josie walks into Amy’s office, moves into the basement of her Notting Hill house and is soon helping out with her children after Amy’s nanny is hit by a car. It seems the natural thing therefore for Amy to invite Josie on the family’s annual holiday to Provence. When a series of things start to go wrong in their luxurious villa, Amy begins to suspect that Josie isn’t quite the friendly presence she appears. But when no one, not even her husband believes her, she realises she will have to play Josie at her own game in order to expose her true intentions.