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Fishing & Flying


Author Terence Horley Published by Unicorn ISBN 9781910787137 EAN 9781910787137 Bic Code Cover Paperback

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As a pilot, the author flies from the remote highlands of Scotland to the quiet creeks of Cornwall, packing into the gun wells of a fighter, or the baggage space of a transport plane, his fishing-rod and a box of flies. In 200 minutes he flies from London to a remote aerodrome in Scotland where, in the dusk of a silent evening, he catches a basket of trout. Amost the next moment he is forging his way through an overgrown tangle in a Cornish valley in search of sea-trout. That the roar of a 2,000 horsepower engine should be compatible with a love of quiet waters is not so strange as it perhaps sounds. The author describes how he met a fighter pilot during the Battle of Britain beside a Hampshire chalk stream. Both men had flown many hours that day, one of them in almost continuous combat with the enemy. Both discovered the peace for which they were struggling on the banks of that stream.