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Dark Wood Dark Water


Author Tina Callaghan Published by Poolbeg for Children ISBN 9781781997802 EAN 9781781997802 Bic Code Y Cover Paperback

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Something is wrong with the town of Bailey. Something dark, something dangerous. Something evil. Josh’s brother has just drowned. He meets Kate and Gabe, who also have lost family to the river. When they seek the help of a local historian, Naylor, he tells them that there is a sinister longstanding pattern to such tragedies. But some unknown force is trying to help Josh rid the town of its curse. Why is he dreaming of a ship’s captain, a hooded monk, a dark familiar with a knife? What is being demanded of him? Soon greater horrors than ever before are set loose. Josh and the others are fighting against time, as evil has turned its baleful eye upon them.