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Black Water


Author Cormac O’Keeffe Published by Black & White Publishing ISBN 9781785302381 EAN 9781785302381 Bic Code Cover Paperback

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Tara Crowe is young detective in a hurry. Driven but insecure, she’s determined to clean out the gangs that rule the gritty neighbourhood alongside Dublin’s Grand Canal. Ten-year-old Jig is one of the Canal Gang’s most recent recruits. When he’s sent to deliver a threat for his boss, an old woman dies and all hell breaks loose. Disgraced detective Shay has been trying to shield boys like Jig from the gangs, but it’s taking its toll on his family. He’s promised them they’ll move somewhere better, somewhere safer. But with Jig in trouble there’s no way that’s going to happen anytime soon. He wants his old life back but at what cost? As the violence continues to escalate with the murder of a child and a policewoman, the struggle for survival comes to a head.