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Animal Languages: The Secret Conversations of the Living World


Author Eva Meijer Published by John Murray ISBN 9781473677678 EAN 9781473677678 Bic Code P Cover Hardback

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Dolphins and parrots call each other by their names. Fork tailed drongos mimic the calls of other animals to scare them away and then steal their dinner. In the songs of many species of birds, and in skin patterns of squid, we find grammatical structures. If you are lucky, you might meet an animal that wants to talk to you. If you are even luckier, you might meet an animal that takes the time and effort to get to know you. Such relationships can teach us not only about the animal in question, but also about language and about ourselves. From how prairie dogs describe intruders in detail – including their size, shape, speed, and the colour of their hair and T-shirts – to how bats like to gossip, to the impressive greeting rituals of monogamous seabirds, this book is a fascinating and philosophical exploration of the ways animals communicate with each other, and with us.