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7day Soul


Author Susannah Healy Published by Hachette Books Ireland ISBN 9781473685161 EAN 9781473685161 Bic Code Cover Paperback

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Psychologist and mindfulness meditation teacher Susannah Healy reveals the evidence-basis for the value of spirituality in our lives, and argues that it is time to bring ‘mainstream spirituality’ back in to public life. She outlines how true spirituality is only found in a conscious and active pursuit that originates outside of ourselves, through the process of self-transcendence – and examines its place in a culture that values individualism and left-brained thinking. But psychological research now clearly shows it is in self-transcendence that true happiness lies. Gently guiding the reader through millennia of spiritual teachings in the world faith traditions – which on close inspection are remarkably similar – Susannah expands the vision of God from the Western ‘old man in the sky’ image into something less literal, which can ultimately give meaning to all.